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25 November 2011


I'm back! I think that I've figured out my little computer issue, and I should be back to blogging more regularly now...just in time for the Christmas season! Before launching full-fledged into the Christmas spirit, I wanted to share a few favorite pictures from our Thanksgiving.

I am increasingly thankful for these two.

I cannot get enough of their sweet sister/brother antics. I can't wait for Truett to be old enough to interact more with Maren. She loves him so much and desperately wants to play with him. Pretty much all day long. I am thankful that Maren is such a fantastic big sister. Last week she told me she wants 5 more babies in our family. I told her she'd better start praying, because that would take more than one miracle.

We loved introducing Truett to his first Turkey. Meanwhile, Maren and August kept a close eye on the day's activities.

Maren's papa smoked a turkey this year. It was deeee-licious! Aunt Tiffany also made her 'famous' roasted turkey. Truett and his Gigi had some quality snuggle time before dinner.

I have to admit that I'm one of those people who sort of wishes Thanksgiving away in favor of Christmas. I do love to cook, and enjoyed making stuffing, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, and {3!} pies this year. I love the time with family, and I enjoy the sense of tradition. But what I really love is seeing the first Christmas lights of the season while driving home, and anticipating what's to come...Christmas!

That being said, I do enter this Christmas season with an especially thankful heart. I never could've imagined all the lessons God had laid out for me this year. I never imagined I could grow so close to my husband in the midst of a trying time for our family. I never imagined I could experience so much peace and grace from the Lord in the midst of an agonizing diagnosis for my sweet boy. I never imagined the love and compassion that would be showered on us by family and friends surrounding Truett's surgery. I never imagined the immensely sweet talks I would have with my sweet girl. I never imagined how incredibly blessed I could feel to be sharing my days with Brett, Maren and Truett.

As I enter this, my favorite time of the year, I hope to remain grounded in the truths the Lord has made vastly evident to me this year. He is a good God, who has a plan laid out for each of our lives. He lovingly showers us with unmerited gifts...gifts of possession, friendship, family, health. He upholds us and walks with us through times of great happiness and times of despair...all the while offering a miraculous joy and the grace necessary to remain faithful. For all this, I am thankful.


  1. Such cute pictures. You do have alot to be thankful esp. with Truett. I am excitied for Christmas as well.

  2. Looks like you guys had a great Thanksgiving! I certainly echo your sentiments in having a thankful heart. Praise God, He is so good.
    P.S. When and where do I show up for the Newsies show?