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27 November 2011


Saturday was our first annual Christmaspalooza. We stole the idea from my favorite cousin, Jodi. {Hi Jodi!} I loved the tradition her family started in Michigan, and with a few modifications, we've made the tradition our own.

Our day started by decking the house on the inside and out. Maren and I worked on the tree...

...and Brett worked on the lights. We added lights to the roof-line this year...way up there.

After her nap, Maren came downstairs to a few special presents under the tree. She opened a new Christmas book {I'll share my list of favorite Christmas books later in the week!}, a Christmas movie {Veggie Tales Little Drummer Boy...so cute!}, and new Christmas pajamas. I love the idea of giving the kids their Christmas pajamas early in the season so they can wear them all through December.

The house was still in disarray when we started making our dinner, as evidenced by the counter-top in the background. This day was more about fun than accomplishment, though. The decorating will get done sometime this week, right? We made homemade pizzas for dinner. Maren actually did most of the work on her own pizza.

Shortly after we rolled out the dough, Maren discovered a heart-shaped cookie cutter in one of the drawers. Sure...why not have a heart pizza?! It is, after all, Christmaspalooza. *wink*

Is there anything better than busy little kid hands?

Truett mostly bounced around here while we were cooking away. No pizza for him this year...but he did enjoy some sweet potato puree.

We ended the day with new jammies and a family viewing of The Little Drummer Boy {Veggie Tales style}. It was a perfect day, welcoming in my favorite season with my favorite people.
Do you have any favorite family traditions to help bring in the Christmas season? Do tell!


  1. Kate, I LOVE the idea of giving the Christmas pj's at the beginning of the month! Its not nearly as fun to wear them after Christmas. Hope you guys have a lovely holiday season :)

  2. Cute pictures. You will have such a sweet Christmas this year.

  3. So fun! Check in later today as I'll be posting about our day :)