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09 November 2011

Somehow I blinked...

...and it's 9:01 pm. Whew. What a day. We had some friends over this morning for a little play date. I used it as an excuse to cook up some food of the brunch-y variety. Mmmm...I do love a good piece of coffeecake. {Almost as much as I love chatting with a dear friend while hearing multiple little girl voices giggling upstairs.}

This afternoon we had a visit with the pediatrician, who assured us that all is well with the kiddos in light of our recent fender-bender. Praise the Lord.

Our day ended with some fabulous Life Group fellowship. I love the way our church does Life Groups...we spend time praying together and we discuss Sunday's sermon. I have found it to be so beneficial to have a mid-week review of Sunday's teaching. Plus, I really like the people with whom we share these evenings. They're all pretty special. And tonight there was Blue Bell ice-cream. Yes, my day started with coffeecake and ended with Blue Bell. I have no complaints.

Since I don't have much to say, here are a few good reads from others today...

Julie posted about day 3 of her Happy Day Project {a thoughtful approach to giving this season}
Danni shared a collection of really fabulous packaging ideas
Rachel just makes me smile with her writing style...today it's all about therapy

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