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04 November 2011

My babies at 4 months

I figured I should get a little 4-month post put up about Truett before we get too close to posting his 5-month post! {Confession...I started writing this post much closer to when Truett was 4 months old. Now we are just a week away from him actually being 5 months old. But I still do want to remember these things, so here you have it!} I do not know where the time is going. I really feel like 3 days ago was the first day of October. As I look back on these early months with Truett, it's good for me to remember to savor the days. Sadly, I need the regular reminder to slow down and soak in these days with my kids. They're both so much fun and bring such joy to my life.

I have especially enjoyed watching them interact together this month. Maren is an awesome big sister. She loves Truett so much. Our morning routine now consists of Maren climbing into Truett's crib for some morning snuggle time. She makes him laugh. She sings songs to him and 'reads' her books to him. I love that she already enjoys his company. I was {unnecessarily} nervous that she'd be jealous of him or would be bothered by having a baby around all the time. She actually asked me the other day if we could 'get' another baby. I told her we would wait and see when {and if} God chooses to bless our family with more kids. I'm just thankful that she's adjusted so well to having a baby in the house.

A little side-by-side comparison of both kids...{Maren is on the left}

Here are both kids and their stats at 4 months. I was amazed at how close they were in weight and height. {Truett was almost 2 pounds bigger than Maren at birth!} I'm sure Truett's heart surgery affected his growth somewhat. I'll be anxious to see if they stay this similar in the coming months, or if Truett will surpass Maren at some point. The boy loves to eat!

Truett loves to sleep. He typically goes to bed between 7 and 8 and will often sleep until 9 in the morning. He gets up once or twice in the night still, but he eats quickly and goes right back to bed. I honestly don't mind the quiet snuggle time with him. He's also been sleeping on his tummy ever since he learned to roll over. There's something so sweet about seeing his little bottom sticking up in the air while he sleeps.

He had his first cold this month. I kept a close eye on him...most days I'm able to treat him like a 'normal' baby, but when he gets sick I'm still on high alert and can't help wondering/praying/hoping everything is okay with his little heart. Thankfully, he didn't have a fever this time around. I pray often for protection for his little body as we're rushing into cold and flu season. It's always terrible to have a sick baby, but I admit that it makes me even more nervous considering the traumatic start to life he's had.

Truett is rolling all over the place. I'll often put him down on his quilt while I'm doing something in the kitchen and I'll return to find him several feet away from the quilt...often times he's wedged himself against a chair or a wall. He's also started to play with his toys.

My boy is going to be a finger-sucker. Maren never sucked on her hands. She'd put everything else in her mouth, just not her fingers. Truett always seems to have one or several of his little fingers shoved in his mouth.

We continue to enjoy this season as a new-ish family of four. The colder weather and darker evenings seem to bring with them plenty of cozy family time, for which I am grateful.


  1. I thought it was the same baby. Wow, they look alike. I like darker evening for the same reason.

  2. He's pretty cool! Can't wait to see you.

  3. Wow! Can't believe how similar M and T look. That is amazing! so thankful she is such a sweet older sister. What a blessing!