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11 September 2011

Weekend Love

We've had a nice weekend around our house. Brett left early yesterday morning to fly to Michigan to pick up our new minivan! I couldn't be more thrilled. Yes, there was a time when a younger, hipper version of myself vowed I'd never own one. Now me and my kids, stroller, groceries, craigslist purchases, packages of bulk toilet paper and Brett are going to rock the mini with pride! We took our first little drive this afternoon, and it's every bit as wonderful as I'd imagined!

This is how Truett woke up this morning. I think he was excited to be 3 months old!

While we were eating breakfast I asked Maren if she wanted to do her hair in buns today. Later, while I was brushing her hair, she asked if we were going to do hamburgers in her hair. She was on the right track...even after I told her they were buns, she insisted on saying that she had one hamburger and one bun. My sweet Maren...
This afternoon I found M sitting outside on her quilts 'reading' her Bible. This is a sight that makes a mom's heart sing! She told me that Sokie and Beboke wanted to hear about Abraham. Sokie and Beboke are Maren's imaginary friends. They've been part of our family for quite a while now, and show up in the unlikeliest of places. Maren made up their names...creative, right?

In other news, my parents celebrated 35 years of marriage today. I'm so thankful for what that means to our family. My mom and dad love each other so much, still spend most of their free time together, and have both been incredible examples to me in so many different ways through the years. I love you mom and dad!

On a day when our country remembers a great tragedy, I am reminded of the rich ways in which I have been blessed and the fleeting nature of life on this planet. I don't want a day to pass when honor isn't given to my great God and when thanks and praise don't flow freely from my lips for each of these people he's so lovingly placed in my life.

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