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05 September 2011

Labor Day Weekend 2011

As I was driving home from Target this afternoon, I was thinking how ironic it would be for someone to go into labor on Labor Day. This is what happens when I'm left alone in the car...I think brilliant thoughts. Seriously, I am so grateful for a husband who works so intently to provide for our family. It is because of him that I am privileged to spend my days home with our little ones and that I have the time to pursue my creative endeavors. He is our champion!

We've had a lovely weekend. Can you guess what Brett did for me?

The kids enjoyed time in the pool and bath, respectively.

On Sunday evening we joined some friends downtown for the 'balloon glow'. The weather was just brisk enough to hint that autumn is on it's way. Maren spent the evening in a dancing, rolling frenzy with her dear friend, Abby. Brett commented tonight that these girls play like brothers. They were wrestling and rolling all around the ground. It does a mother's heart good to see her little girl enjoying a sweet friendship. And yes, Maren wears that pink tutu nearly everyday. I love the contrast offered by her distinct feminine fashion preferences and her willingness to play rough and tumble. There's something quite endearing about a little girl wrestling about in a flouncy pink skirt!
We also enjoyed some time with Brett's parents and plenty of hours of outdoor play with neighborhood friends. As far as weekends go, this one couldn't have gotten much better. Happy Labor Day!

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