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19 September 2011

Finding August...and Jesus

It was a joyful afternoon at our home on Friday...for August has returned! Maren was brimming with thankfulness to those kind souls who cleaned August all up and gave her some nice new clothes. We did tell her that this was a 'new' August, as to not be deceptive. My mom even suggested we call this new baby September. But, August she will be...Maren seems certain her exact baby has returned. I am a tad concerned for the welfare of my future grandchildren, though. Maren didn't seem at all put off by the much blonder eyelashes or the two teeth August has grown in her brief time away from us. Maren appears to be lacking in her perception to detail. I can only hope she doesn't leave for the mall play area one day with my blond grandson only to return with a red-haired little girl.

Here is the much-anticipated moment of reunion...

She could hardly contain her excitement...[and, yes, she picked out that well-placed-little-pink-bow all by herself.]

Oh, August, how we've missed you! [But not the old August...she was stinky!]

This morning Maren, August, Truett and I were sitting on the couch reading a book. In this book, a sweet little squirrel mama is happily sharing about her best friend, God. Maren asked me if God was my best friend, and I told her that He is. Seeking to utilize this precious moment of spiritual enlightenment, I went on to share about God's love for us in sending Jesus to pay the penalty for our sins. I explained to Maren that someday Jesus would like to come into her heart and be her best friend, too. Maren proceeded to ask if Jesus was in my heart. Yes. Is Jesus in Daddy's heart? Yes.

She pondered these things for a moment and said, "Okay, let's do it right now." My delight at her comprehension turned to astonishment when she leaned down in front of my chest and exclaimed, "Hey Jesus! Come on in!" I have to believe such words spoken by a 3-year-old girl were music to the ears of the Lord.

For now, I will refrain from referring to this as Maren's conversion experience. I will, however, look forward to more conversations about Jesus with my dear children.


  1. I loved all of this - about both August and Jesus. You have a precious daughter.

  2. Love this! So glad August had a twin. What a beautiful faith moment!

  3. I think I'm going to cry! What a beautiful story Kate!

  4. What a precious moment! :) Glad I stopped by today.

  5. what a sweet story! i think it's great that God provided you with such an awesome moment with your girl!

  6. Love your
    August and Jesus post. Your daughter is really special.

  7. This is beautiful. I love your blog and so happy I just found it :)