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03 September 2011

A quilted pink runner

Since I am a glutton for punishment, I decided to whip up a table runner for Maren's Pink Party. It actually was a pretty quick project...I just wish I would have decided to make it more than 4 days before the party. *wink*

I had all the materials on hand, which is what made me decide to tackle the project in the first place. I cut the fabric to random widths, sewed them together, quilted on either side of the seams, and added a funky black and white binding.

See those cake balls? They were almost my undoing. When it comes to things in the kitchen, I'm not great at following directions. Those poor balls of delicousness suffered the consequences. Dear Bakerella, next time I promise to read through your entire book before I begin to make up a batch of cake balls. I did use an amazing chocolate cake recipe from my neighbor. It has zucchini in it, and I promise to share it with you soon. You'll thank me.
Happy Saturday!


  1. The runner is beautiful!! That rose fabric is perfect for a pink party.

  2. I love that runner. So cute and colorful. I am wanting to try those cake balls.

  3. I made cake pops for Katie's bridal shower and made a HUGE mess! But they were pretty fun too :)