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08 August 2011

Visitors and the rest of the hospital stay

Our families were such an incredible blessing to us during Truett's stay in the hospital. Brett's parents (Gigi and Papa) were so kind to have Maren stay with them for a few days. She always has a great time with her Gigi and Papa, and we felt at peace knowing that she was in such good hands. They also made the drive to Denver a couple of times to visit our sweet boy and to encourage us!

Here's Gigi and Truett.

Aunt Tiffany also came to the hospital.

Truett's nurse during his last day in the CICU was Kally. She actually works in the CPCU (Cardiac Progressive Care Unit), but she came down to the ICU to help out during our last day. We were thrilled that she remained Truett's nurse for the next couple of days when we moved to the CPCU. She was a fabulous nurse, and felt like a friend by the end of our time.

Truett's arm was all wrapped up to keep the iv in place.

Here is our baby getting his final echo-cardiogram in the hospital. We were so happy to hear that his little aorta was looking excellent!

As soon as we found out about Truett's surgery, my parents hopped a plane from Michigan. It meant so much to have them around for emotional support. They were at the hospital with Brett and I during the surgery, and stayed right across the street for the rest of our time in the hospital. Maren even got to spend a night with them in their hotel.

Here's Grandpa entertaining Truett:

Maren wanted to play with Truett when she came to the hospital. We let her share his bed for a few minutes. She's such a sweet big sister.

Here's my mom (Grams) singing Truett a song. Brett went home to stay with Maren one night, and my mom graciously stayed at the hospital with me. I was grateful to get some rest while she was with me!

Truett finally got his iv out the day before we left. At this point, he still had the EKG stickers on his chest, the pulse-ox monitor on one foot and the blood-pressure cuff on the other leg.

We were finally able to to leave on Monday morning, after 4 nights in the hospital. After one last round of tests, we were given the go-ahead to leave! Truett did so well with his recovery, surely due to the prayers of so many. We were originally told to expect a 5 to 10 day stay. Here I am...very tired but glad to be heading home!

It was so refreshing to see my baby in real clothes! I think he was happy to be going home, too.

This was probably the most emotionally and physically exhausting week of my life. I am deeply grateful for family and friends who lifted us up in so many ways. Three of the pastors from our church came to visit us in the hospital (they're all great friends as well!), and our senior pastor stopped by our house to pray with us the night before we left for Denver. We've been so blessed by prayers and kind words of encouragement from friends, family and many people we don't even know. Our sweet boy was so thoroughly covered in prayer. If you were a part of this incredible army of intercessors, we thank you!


  1. Such good news. He is just adorable. What a sweet family. I was wondering about him as I prayed for him last night. So glad that he did so well.

  2. What an encouragement to see so many prayers answered!

  3. So grateful to read such great news! Hope he and you guys continue to heal and recover well!