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13 August 2011

Do you know Sarah?

I've recently discovered the joy of watching my favorite HGTV shows online! This was a thrilling discovery for this non-cable-subscribing girl. One of my favorite shows is Sarah's House. Have you seen it? Sarah Richardson makes charming work of fixing up homes, aided by her clever assistant, Tommy. While my mom was here, we spent our evenings watching Sarah's Summer House. We both agree that Sarah's work is never disappointing. Here are some of my favorite transformations from what she calls her 'cottage'.

sitting area

There's not a single room in this series that I didn't like. The kitchen is by far my favorite. Sarah added so many interesting and whimsical touches, making the space unique and welcoming. It's likely I will never have her design budget, but I sure do enjoy finding some inspiration from within her walls!

1 comment:

  1. Her rooms are so nice, aren't they. I watch her on HGTV. Wish she was on more often.