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11 August 2011

A little fun and a lotta sad

My mom left this morning, and my eyes are all tired now from crying. I dislike 'good-byes' very much. Before all the craziness with Truett's heart surgery, we had planned a nice long vacation to the family cottage in Michigan. We were supposed to leave today. So, I'm double-sad...sad that my mom isn't enjoying an afternoon cup of coffee with me, and sad that an entire summer is passing without a glimpse of my favorite summer destination.

I spent a few minutes perusing bhg.com this afternoon and came across this fun little organizing quiz.
I am a 'Schoolteacher'...orderly but not rigid. After you find out your organizing personality you have the option to read up on some organizational ideas for your type. It's a fun little way to spend a few minutes between loads of laundry. *wink*

Happy weekend!


  1. I know I am not your mom but if you need someone to have an afternoon cup of coffee with you know I am alway game :) (P.S. This is Jaime not Ben btw)

  2. Makes me all teary just reading about it, and I'm not even saying goodbye :)
    I'm so grateful she was able to be there with you! Can't wait to try the quiz tonight and since I have a lot of free time this week, I hope to talk at least twice!