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26 August 2011

Around here...

...little man has been doing a lot of this...

...and Maren's been playing here...[courtesy of our new washing machine...our old one decided to up and quit last weekend. Always such great timing with these things, right? Clearly the home appliances didn't get the memo about the revised medical-bill-paying budget we're on. The saddest thing is that we're pretty sure the dishwasher won't make it through Thanksgiving. I told Brett I'd manage to wash dishes by hand for a while if need be. I was not, however, willing to extend the offer for clothing belonging to an infant and a 3 year old. *wink*]

We're getting ready for a 'Pink Party' tomorrow evening. Maren's been quite persistent with her request, and initially I wasn't thrilled with the idea. She first began petitioning for a pink party in March, so I've had plenty of time for the ideas to roll around in my mind. I have to say I'm tickled pink with how things have come together. I crack myself up sometimes. [Seriously, I just laughed out loud...I need to get out more!]

We do love hosting a good party around here, and this pink one is no exception. I think next week will be 'Pink Week' here at the blog. I've got quite a few fun little things to share from this party, so check back in to see what's had me blushing lately! Get it?..blushing...pink...okay, it's time to say goodbye!


  1. He's so sweet. So is his sister.
    My great nephew was in the hospital for 11 weeks after his was born. He was a premie and his intestines were on the outside of his body. Shriners Paid almost the entire bill. Has anyone talked to you about that as a possibility. It wasn't because of income either as my nephew is a CPA. Just trying to help.
    Hapy Pink Party.

  2. I hope you have a lovely weekend!! The pink party looks awesome!