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10 August 2011

A few good days

We've been home from the hospital for a little more than a week and it's been pretty great. We were not sad to bid adieu to room 902 at Children's with it's slanty couch-bed and beeping machines. I think Truett's been significantly more content as well.

Administering meds quickly became the bane of my existence. There were so many specific doses and times to remember, not to mention the hassle of getting Truett to take them. I'm still not sure if it was worse for him or for me. His little rainbow of drugs was made up of tylenol, zantac, lasix (a diuretic), oxycodone (for pain), and propranolol (for high blood pressure). Within a couple days of being home he was off the oxycodone. Last week the cardiologist reduced his doses of lasix and propranolol by 1/2. This morning we were able to cut back even more on the lasix and say goodbye to the propranolol entirely. Yay! Our little guy is on the mend.

Maren thought it was Christmas with all the goodies that came home from the hospital in Truett's tub. Since we paid for all this stuff, I figured we might as well make use of it! She's become quite the little doctor around our house, treating ailments of all sorts.

This is pretty much how Truett spent his first couple of days home. He'd take occasional eating and potty breaks, but then it was right back to being cozy.

I have loved having my mom here. We share a really special relationship, and it's so hard to have her living on the other side of the country. We only get to spend time together a few times a year, so when she's around I soak up every minute! She also happens to be an organizer extraordinaire, so we've tackled most of the closets in my house. Someday I'll have to share some of the fun things we've accomplished this week. Here she is snuggling with Truett.

I cannot tell you how amazing Maren has been this week. She's had a few meltdowns here and there, but for the most part she's been a trooper. She loves to help with Truett, and since she's become such a seasoned doctor, would love to get her hands on one of those medicinal syringes of her brother's. We've resorted to having her hold him. I'd say she's plenty happy with that job for now.

I wish I'd taken a picture of Truett's not-so-little war wound earlier, but here it is in all it's scarring glory. Since Truett is a boy, and boys seem to like scars, he'll probably be disappointed with how amazingly the surgeon closed him up. We were told that it would likely not be visible in another year or two. The steri-strips are covering the opening from his chest tube. From the looks of it, that might end up being more of a scar than the actual incision sight!

Truett has really been a different baby since he's had his little heart fixed. In the 2 weeks leading up to his surgery, we'd noticed our sweet boy becoming fussier and more lethargic. I am happy to report that he's sleeping wonderfully, smiles all the time, and only cries if he's tired or wanting his diaper changed.

I still can't believe that 2 short weeks ago we were spending our Wednesday at Children's Hospital getting Truett's myriad of tests done before his big surgery.
What a difference...praise the Lord!

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