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18 May 2010

Master Bedroom Re-do

When we moved into this house last summer, every wall in the place was cream. For some this might be fine, but I am not a 'cream' kind of a person. As of today, we have successfully painted the entire house with the exceptions of 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, and the laundry room. And, if I'm being honest, I should point out that my sweet husband painted almost every wall himself. In our house, I pick the colors and he provides the labor. I know, I'm spoiled.

I have enjoyed having a blank slate, and choosing new colors for this house. We painted Maren's room the same color, but other than that, everything is different here. I've always been drawn to bold, bright colors, but have rarely been brave enough to use them in the house. So, when we chose colors for the master bedroom, I threw caution to the wind. Brett found some crown-molding remnants and painted them crisp white. He was so thrilled to be installing the molding, that he lovingly agreed to paint the ceiling. It was a lot of work (for him, of course), but we are loving our improved, bright bedroom.



We made the artwork above the bed with things we had around the house. Brett cut up some mdf shelving and spray-painted the boards black. I applied the 12x12 scrapbook paper with Mod Podge. I suppose I need to learn to take pictures of the process for the blog. Next time. I promise. We love Benjamin Moore paint. The ceiling is Aegean Teal and the walls are Pale Avocado. At first I thought it was way too bright, but once we accessorized, we grew to love it.

I have some fabric to make a couple more pillows for the bed, and I hope to add curtains someday. (when the budget allows!) For now, we're loving the look of our new bedroom. What do you think?



  1. i LOOOOVE this. love love love. what an awesome idea to paint the ceiling!! and the white molding around the ceiling is the icing on the cake. i'm not at all a cream kinda girl, either, and kudos to you for going with such bold and beautiful colors. :)
    also, just an idea.... for my guest bedroom, i didn't have the budget for fancy curtains, so i went to goodwill and bought a $2 white bedsheet, cut it in half and created 2 white curtains, maybe you could try something similar? go check out your local thrift store and perhaps you'll find an inexpensive, temporary fix :)

  2. OK, the ceiling is the piece de resistance! I love it! The artwork and paint are just wonderful all around. Great job on the whole room!

  3. oh I love this color scheme! Great job. It looks so calming, but fun!

  4. Thanks for the sweet remarks! Sarah, I am definitely working on some outside-the-box window treatments. Hopefully in the not-too-distant future I'll have a post featuring some new curtains!