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03 May 2010

Launch Numero Dos

Well, last fall I made a meager showing of launching the blog, 'Oh Write'. Now I'm back, and hoping to be a little more regular around these parts. I have had a family blog for quite some time now, and it's been successful amongst the relatives. This blog will serve more as a creative outlet, and as a way for me to share what's going on with my brand new Etsy shop called...

drum roll...

oh write!

Shocking, I know. I actually reserved the name for myself way back in the fall right around the time I started this blog. After much planning and scheming on my part, the shop opened last week, and now the blog will ride the coattails of my hugely successful premier into the world of Etsy. Ha! Actually, I have felt well-loved and supported by many friends and family members who have made purchases from my shop in the past few days. I did receive an order from a stranger, and a 'heart' from another unknown-in-real-life person within hours of opening. All of these occurrences did wonders for my hopes of actually being successful in the world of small-business-ownership. Time will tell what actually comes of this little venture. For now I am enjoying the busy-ness of starting a business. (Cute, right? Ha, ha, ha.)

Well, I'm admittedly writing these initial posts in a bit of a secretive fashion. I'm hoping to build a bit of a 'history' before I really get out there and share this place with the world. Or, at least with those same friends and family who read my personal blog and shop at my etsy shop. I do, of course, invite you along once again. Who knows where this will take us?

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