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25 May 2010

The Black Buffet

When we moved into this house last summer, I knew we needed a place in the family room to store Maren's books and toys. This bookshelf worked for a while, but I was always bothered by the cluttered open shelves and the spillover of toys. (Not to mention the boxes of homeless books sitting in the upstairs hallway!)
I started having regular 'dates' with Mr. Craigslist, and finally found the perfect piece. The lady sold it to us for $25.
I didn't mind the design of the door-fronts, but I did not love the original finish on the wood. {Enter sanding+black spray paint}
And, our little cabinet in it's new home. We added a thin layer of furniture wax, because we wanted to be able to wipe the whole thing down easily. Unfortunately, it also adds a bit of shine to photographs. ;) Again, these pictures were all taken pre-blog, so I don't have any 'in-process' pictures. I promise to get better about that now!
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