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31 May 2010

Let's Meet on Monday: The big 3-0 (and a little something for you!)

Giveaway is now closed!

I turned 30 this year. For some this is a traumatic milestone, but not for me. I am anticipating a fabulous fourth decade of life. I love the season of life I am in now. My days are filled with just enough of the unexpected to keep me on my toes, and just enough of the expected to make me feel 'at home'.

In celebration of my 30th birthday, I set a few goals for myself. In the coming year I plan to read 30 books, write letters to 30 influential people in my life, and memorize 30 Bible verses. The reading portion of my little plan has been the easiest. I love to read, and with this goal I have been more intentional about spending time with a good book.

Right now I am behind in my memorization and letter-writing. I have a terrible time with memorizing anything. I typically don't remember much about what I've read, heard, seen...where was I going with this? (*wink*) I wanted to challenge myself because I know it's not going to get any easier to memorize scripture as I get older. To be honest, writing this down now is giving me a boost of motivation to continue on!

As far as the letter-writing goes, I plan to complete a majority of these over the summer. I love to get real pen-and-paper mail. I believe it to be so special partly because it is a seldom-received treat and partly because it takes time and thought to produce such a gesture.

How about you? Are you a goal-setter? Have you had success or do you eventually abandon ship?

I realize this is a new blog, and I am excited to have a few followers already. If you're still reading, THANK YOU! And, how about a little giveaway? Leave a comment for one entry, and become a follower for another entry. (Be sure to tell me in a second comment if you follow!) I'll pick a lucky winner Wednesday morning.

In homage to a little show I like to watch, 'Want to know what you're playing for?' I will send you a little package of goodies from my Etsy store. Good luck!


  1. Sweet post. I'll turn 34 this year. And your know, aging is a lot better than I anticipated it being when I was 19. And yay, for giveaways (:

  2. I have never been much a goal-setter, something that I am starting to see as a weakness now that I am getting older. But I love your ideas for doing "30" of something special. I am turning 29 in 2 months, so maybe I'll try something similar in preparation for turning 30 next year!

  3. Hi. I am a new follower.
    Happy Birthday.....I am doubling your age soon.

  4. AS someone now in my early forties and steadily approaching middle age, I can say that the thirties are great. No more teenage angst, less peer pressure, so much easier to be yourself and to be happy being yourself. And so far, my forties are pretty great too. Happy 30th!