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23 May 2010

Let's Meet on Monday

Part of the fun of blogging is finding ideas and inspiration from other creators, moms, writers, thinkers and doers. But, I also find it endearing to learn about people...what they like, how they live, who inspires them, how they have grown, what they are learning...I could go on and on.

In light of these observations, I've decided to start a weekly 'column' called Let's Meet on Monday. I'll do my best to give you a deeper glimpse into what makes me tick. I'll share stories behind my favorite (meaningful) things around my house, thoughts on motherhood, favorite books, and anything else that strikes me as significant on a given Monday. I am hoping this will give me an opportunity to share more about 'me' and less about projects and creative ideas. While I enjoy talking about decorating and creating, I hope you come to know more of me than just my aesthetic taste.

So, Let's Meet on Monday! See you next week!

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