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29 September 2010

My Simple Fall Mantel

I didn't go quite so overboard on my autumnal decor this year. I have no explanation, other than I must have been in a more subtle decorating mood on the day autumn came up from the basement. Oh...it is still in the 80's here, so I suppose that could have something to do with it. Remind me to wait for a lovely, snowy day to decorate for Christmas!

Here's my mantel for the season...
*Yes, those are rabbit ears you see...we tend to be a bit archaic when it comes to our home electronics!

I have to admit a bit of jealousy towards all you people who have stunning, traditional fireplaces...you know, the ones that don't neighbor the ever-so-ugly-but-convenient-t.v.-cutout. Ugh...both of our homes so far have had a similar set-up. For now I resort to being thankful for any type of mantel at all...but please do enjoy your brick surrounded by lovely white woodwork if you've got it!
I didn't purchase one new thing for the mantel this year. I used a few of my favorite vintage coffee containers. I stole the 'W' and frame from my entryway...stay tuned to see what's taking their place! You've seen the hat before...it was grandma's. I put some vintage books and a sweet little McCoy pottery vase in the birdcage, which sits atop an old cash box. That's it! Simple, simple. I love the yellow tones, especially in connection with my new chair!

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  1. Lovely. I really like the simplicity, but there is also wonderful detail.

    I like the cut out you have for you mantle. Very distinctive.

    As for the rabbit ears, at least you have a HD TV. I'm still using my 1992 Sony TV.

  2. Beautiful fall mantel! We still have a large tv antenna on the roof of our workshop. Several years ago in school my daughter had a teacher show a picture of a roof line with a tv antenna "a for antenna". She was the only kid in the class who knew what it was! lol We live a very simple life.

  3. That looks very nice, and I didn't even notice the tv until you mentioned it. Then I had to look for it. :) Very nice job.

  4. I like all the accessories you have up there, especially the bird cage with the books inside. Oh, and I like that ladder and the yellow chair!

  5. that space, that little alcove, is so neat! i like side by side tv and fireplace. the whole thing is something i've never seen before. that's why i love blogging!

  6. all your accessories are beautiful. love that yellow chair.

    the books in the birdcage...clever!

    thanks for linking up to the FALL FESTIVAL!


  7. Gorgeous. I heard a hint of fireplace makeover in the future? Have you thought about changing the set-up of your fireplace/tv? Easily done. BTW I absolutely love the way you framed the W.

  8. Really, really beautiful mantle and room!