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03 September 2010

Friday Finds: September 3

Welcome, September! I love this month. Today's finds were all discovered by searching 'September' on Etsy. Each of these items would make a lovely gift. I'm storing up ideas for Christmas already, are you?

P.S. My husband's birthday is at the end of the month...one of these days I'll share some fun gift ideas for the men in your life!

Happy weekend!


  1. Love these little fall bits, they almost make me feel good about the changing seasons...almost :) I love the rabbit painting.

    Maybe I'll travel North to a place where leaves change color around this time...

  2. oh my goodness! GREAT finds, dear!!! that embroidered pendant is incredible. going to check that one out now! :)

    thanks for linking up!!! <3


  3. wow, those blue earrings are sooo fabulous~!!! happy september!

  4. Oh this is lovely and I love that little bunny, I am honored you included me!