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07 September 2010

Have you seen this site?

Have you heard of MealBaby? This is one of those sites I wish I would've created. It's brilliant!

If you've ever been the recipient of the gift of a home-cooked meal, you know how appreciated they are, particularly after surgery or after the birth of a new baby. I was blessed by some amazing friends from church after Maren was born. We received 3 or 4 meals a week for four weeks. Isn't that amazing? We felt dearly loved and spoiled!

Me and my 5-day-old little girl. Oh, I loved those snuggle times!
MealBaby is a website that makes the coordination of meals for a new mom or friend in need so easy! You have to create an account (for free), and then you just email the link to friends and/or family members. They'll see a calendar with dates to choose from, and they can see when others are bringing meals, and even what they'll be bringing. For out-of-town friends and family, there's an option to purchase a gift card to a selection of restaurants. All of the information you need is right on the 'registry' including any food allergies, likes and dislikes, preferred time of delivery, address and contact information. The site even reminds you a day before your scheduled to bring the meal!

I received so much positive feedback during a recent registry I set up for a dear friend, and I thought I'd share the info with you! Go check it out!

By the way, I didn't receive any compensation or perks from MealBaby for writing this...just wanted to share a neat spot with some online friends!

1 comment:

  1. I haven't heard of this specific one, but our church uses another site that's the same idea. Isn't it awesome. Love you