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15 September 2010

Autumn Planter

Okay...here's my confession...I have been waiting for a lovely fall-like day on which to decorate my home for autumn. Sadly I decided to let that idea drift away, and the fall decor came out yesterday while the air conditioning was still running. Ah, Colorado!

Here's our front planter all decked out for the coming months.

My camera battery died as I was putting the arrangement together, but it's quite simple. I started by securing the obelisk-trellis-like piece in the center. (What is the proper name for that? It has escaped me for the moment!) Next, I placed a wispy wreath around the base of the trellis. I purchased two larger stems that had a vine-like look to them and wound the branches around and through the trellis. I also picked up a few fall picks at Hobby Lobby. If you're not familiar with 'picks', they're basically just objects or collections of silk flowers with wire sticks attached. I placed the picks around the base of the trellis for some added color. The picks are nice because there's really no need to secure them in any other way. My planter is relatively protected here, so I've not had any problems with it coming apart.

This is the finished arrangement...

Now we just need a crisp 60 degree autumn day to make the season feel complete!

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  1. What a lovely planter! It looks fabulous!
    Angie xo

  2. Wow...your planter looks amazing! Love the trellis. I am waiting for the crisp cool weather too.:)

  3. Very pretty! Hope things cool off for you.

  4. Your planter looks awesome. It goes nicely with the earth tones in the stone on your house. Don't you just love fall colors?

    Looking forward to exploring your blog more!

  5. How pretty! I have some tower trellises and some urn planters on my deck....I could do this, too! Thanks for the great visuals and ideas.

  6. omgoodness!!! that is gorgeous!

    i love everything about it. the twigs, the dried flowers & the trellis. gorgeous.

    thanks for linking up again to the FALL FESTIVAL! i am so glad you didn't wait until it got cooler to do this.


  7. It reminds me of a bird's nest. Beautiful and very original!