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14 October 2014

Pumpkin Patch

Brett had Columbus Day off from work (bank holidays are the best!) so we spent the morning at the Colorado Pumpkin Patch. Papa and Gigi were watching cousin, Ian, so they all came along. The morning started off a little chilly, but it ended up being a perfect day to be outside as a family.

The slides were a favorite for both kids.

My handsome fellas...love them both immensely!

Maren is growing up so much...I love her personality and her winsome outlook on life. She was THRILLED to spend the morning at the pumpkin patch...family time is very important to her.

Truett, Maren and Ian trying to pet an ornery duck.

We spent a decent amount of time feeding the animals, too. Watching my kids with livestock *almost* makes me want to live on a farm.

I love these next two pictures...Truett was posing for a picture with the pony and didn't realize how close that goat was behind him...

...I really wish I'd have snapped a picture as he became aware of the goat's presence...he was out of there so quickly!

The pony rides were another highlight...Maren looks like a natural cowgirl, doesn't she?

Truett rode the tiny pony...I was impressed with how brave both kids were around the horses. They loved the rides!

Papa, Ian, Maren, Daddy and Truett racing rubber ducks...

My girls...Elin is buried under the blanket. It was definitely too cold and windy for her to make an appearance. ;)

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