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26 January 2011

Where to begin...

Hi friends.

I hardly know where to start...it's been so long! I've spent way too many days recently formulating posts in my head, and I finally just decided to take the plunge. I feel a little as I did many months ago when I first started this blog. The only difference is now I feel like a bit of a let-down after my l-o-n-g break. If you're still out there, and you happen to be checking back in, thank you! I sincerely hope to never have an absence quite so long again...but no promises!

If you write a blog, you've probably dealt with the sense of urgency to keep up with posting on a regular basis. If your blog is more family-focused the pressure might come in the form of capturing and sharing every significant moment of your life in a timely fashion. If you write a crafty or decorating blog, you probably feel more as if you must keep ahead of trends, constantly be thinking of revolutionary wonderful ideas, and producing content faster than your two little hands can complete the projects. I love to blog, and I have loved the community of friends I've made here at Oh Write. BUT, I love my family more, which is why I've been absent for so long. I needed a break to focus my best energy on my family, on my relationship with Jesus, and on my relationships and commitments I have in 'real-life'.

During my time away, I've done some thinking about the direction in which I'd like to take things here at Oh Write. I'm excited to be back, and I have several new projects in the works. I also want to be a little more candid about my life as a wife and mom. Some of my favorite blogs in my reader are those combining fabulous creative ideas and decorating inspiration with reflection and tips on day-to-day living. I really do love to write, and up until now I feel as though I've let the pressure to write great tutorials and to share awe-inspiring before and after projects overshadow the real me. I am not perfect, my house is not perfect, and sometimes I have projects that fail. I have found the blogging community to be an incredible, inspiring resource. But, it can also promote feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, and jealousy. Unfortunately, I'm guilty of being overtaken by all those and more. I want to do my best to avoid stirring up those ugly responses here on my blog, which is why I have a new-found desire for a more candid approach.

Wow...if you've made it this far through my 'ramblings' I thank you! I do want to share a few 'lighter' things with you all!

My pregnancy is going great, and thankfully I've been feeling fabulous since Christmas. I am 20 weeks along, and we are looking forward to finding out if our little one is a boy or a girl bright and early tomorrow morning!

Maren is successfully potty-trained! I'm thinking of sharing more about our experience with you all...interested?

I joined a local quilt guild, but was unable to make it to the first meeting due to a snow-storm. I've got a pattern and the fabric for my first little quilting project, so stay tuned for my progress!

Our list of pre-baby house projects is quite impressive. We'll see how much actually gets accomplished! I do plan to paint and 'face-lift' a few rooms in the next couple of months, so hopefully there will be some fun pictures to come. (And when I say, "I plan to paint", I actually mean, "I plan to pick out the colors and organize a closet or two while my sweet husband paints a few rooms." Ha! I actually hate painting...thankfully Brett doesn't mind the work!)

My first creative projects since the holidays were some new notecards for my Etsy shop. I'm so excited with how these 'layered' cards are turning out. The Valentine's ones are so fun, and I'm hoping to have more listed soon!

What do you think?

Just for fun, here's a little peak at some pictures we had taken at Christmas. I can't believe how much my little lady is growing up!

Thanks again for sticking around! I look forward to spending more 'virtual' time with you in the weeks and months to come!