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14 May 2013

Mother's Day

Just stopping in to say hello! I do remember when I used to post several times a week...those were the days. But, THESE are the good days...days too full with other things for me to spend time on the blog. It's not a priority for me recently, which is fine. I've been spending more of my free time on things I'm liking more lately...reading, thinking, talking with friends, sewing, writing real-life letters, naps. Naps! In my opinion, naps are an introverts best friend. I am a different person if I can rest for as little as 15 minutes in the afternoon. So, I've been doing that instead of writing here.

I took these pictures of Truett the other day and just had to post.

He is going to be 2 soon...in less than a month. How did that happen?! We went recently for his annual cardiology appointment, and everything checked out great, praise Jesus. Oh my goodness, this boy has stolen my heart. He is the best snuggler...also he talks now! So much...he's learning more and more new words. My favorite is when he asks about his sister...almost always first thing in the morning he asks for a waffle and May-wen. I am so thankful that my kids love each other, and like each other quite a lot. 

Mother's Day was Sunday...as you know. This day is always a little bittersweet for me...it makes me reflective and emotional. I remember so well those feelings of sorrow each year it came around during our infertility struggles. I have the best relationship with my own mom, so I joyfully celebrated her. But it is so hard to celebrate a day in honor of something you long for and don't have. I hurt for those women longing to be moms. One of my best friends lost her mom way too young to a heart attack, and I think of her on that day. Another dear friend honored the memory of her daughter's second birth and death day on Mother's Day this year. They have 4 precious living children, but still mourn the daughter they never knew. I'm thankful for the sensitivity the Lord has given me in this area...and truthfully, I wouldn't trade those years of struggle and hurt while we longed for a family for anything. They have made me a better mother, and hopefully a better friend, too. 

So...this is the only picture I got with both kids on Mother's Day. Ha! Truett decided he was not interested in having his picture taken. And, apparently, Brett momentarily forgot how to take a picture with heads in the frame. After I had surrendered my desire for a cute picture with both kids smiling, I actually decided this was a perfect picture. Motherhood is messy, rough, challenging, and stretching. Also, it's so, so good. These two small people have provided me with the best job I could have imagined. They sharpen me and make me softer at the same time. They keep me humble. They love me unconditionally. They make me want to be better. I love them so very much. Which is lucky for them, because around 10 pm on Mother's Day night I found myself washing sheets and cleaning up vomit. After a lovely day filled with things like breakfast in bed, flowers, grilled steak, a nap, frozen yogurt...both kids got sick. And I quickly returned to the reality of being a mom after a nice 'day off'. 

Maren agreed to take another picture with me before we left for frozen yogurt. She made me the sweetest card, and insisted on eating her breakfast with me in my bed. She's great company these days...I love having a child I can talk with about real things. She is thoughtful, creative, and so smart. All year we've been praying together in the car on the way to preschool. Recently, she's been asking to pray after I do and she has the sweetest prayers. They often make me tear up, and I can imagine the delight she brings to the Lord. The prayers of children are so simple, and somehow also incredibly astute. 

Well, there you have it! A little update from me. I wish I had more time to share about what I'm learning and reading. I'm being challenged quite a bit right now, and I am loving it. God is gracious to continue his work in my life. It has not been easy lately, but the stretching and growing is worth the pain of refinement. So worth it. Maybe soon I'll share more about that. Happy Tuesday to you!