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01 February 2013

Oh, mercy

 What a day...Truett was sick earlier in the week, and I was relishing in the fact that the rest of the family had escaped this bug unscathed. Boy, was I wrong. We went to a friend's house this morning, and not 5 minutes after we'd arrived, Truett threw up all over me. So, we packed up and headed home. Ugh...some days are so rough. Brett came home for lunch and after he left I was looking forward to a little quiet time while the kids napped. Wouldn't you know, about half an hour into nap time I heard an ominous sound coming from upstairs. It was Maren...getting sick all over the hallway and bathroom. Poor, sweet girl just looked at me with sad eyes and said, 'sorry.' So, I got to spend the remainder of nap time scrubbing the carpet and wiping down the walls and floor of the bathroom. This motherhood business is not glamorous, and it's certainly not for the faint of heart!

So, we've spent some quality snuggle time on the couch with Netflix Kids and orange popsicles this afternoon...counting down the hours until Daddy comes home and the weekend begins.

I have this amazing friend, Jaime, and she brought over some Pedialyte popsicles for the kids and a little treat for me. Yup, she's a keeper.

Today I was thinking of how awful it would be to have sick kids, and no way to help them get better. Even on sick days, God graciously reminds me that it is a blessing to have clean water, extra clothes and sheets, friends who drop off treats, and a Godly, loving husband who will be here any moment.