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29 August 2009


I am nearing the one year anniversary of my introduction to the blogging world. Oh, what a year it's been! I have been a reader of family blogs, inspirational blogs, spiritual blogs, crafty blogs, cooking blogs, blogs of all shapes and sizes. I love them all. I find ideas. I read stories. Some bring out belly laughs, others cause tears to flow. As a stay-at-home mom, who truly does 'stay at home' most days, the blogging world has been a wonderful way for me to remain connected to the world-at-large. And so, in celebration of enjoying the blogs of many-a-creative-woman, I have taken my hobby one step further.

I call my blog Oh Write because that is what I plan to do here. I look forward to writing stories of my daily life, tales of creative endeavors, thoughts on spirituality, and whatever else I fancy. I look forward to having my own 'home' right here online. I share a mutual desire for both my physical home and my blogging home to reflect me in the purest of ways. Please feel free to take a look around, and come back as often as you like!