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02 September 2009

Maren's Polka Dot Party

I have been looking forward to planning a first birthday party for many years. We prayed and waited for our little lady, and this celebration of her first year of life was a joy and delight for us, along with many friends and family. Considering our move into a new house, which took place just a month before Maren's birthday, we decided to keep things relatively simple, and to enjoy a 'polka dot picnic' with all of our closest friends and in-town family. Here is a tiny peak at how we celebrated Maren's first birthday!

I made this sign using my trusty Cricut machine. I made it neutral enough in order for it to be 'recyclable' for future parties.

I baked chocolate chip cookies ahead of time and stored them in the freezer. They came out to thaw the morning of the party, and were all ready to go by the time the guests arrived. We had a huge party, and cookies were an affordable way to say 'thank you' to our guests.

I bravely decided to bake all of the cakes, and they were a huge hit! I used boxed mixes, yellow and devil's food cake from Duncan Hines, followed the high-altitude directions, and they were delicious. The frosting was homemade, and I decorated with simple, pink polka dots. The serving tables were decorated with a variety of circles cut out from scrap paper I had on hand.

I also made Maren her own party hat, which she managed to keep on for about 3 minutes while she dug into her cake. ;)

What's a first-birthday-party-post without a picture of the guest of honor enjoying the long-awaited cake? Our little lady was not a bit shy when it came time to indulge in her chocolate yumminess!

29 August 2009


I am nearing the one year anniversary of my introduction to the blogging world. Oh, what a year it's been! I have been a reader of family blogs, inspirational blogs, spiritual blogs, crafty blogs, cooking blogs, blogs of all shapes and sizes. I love them all. I find ideas. I read stories. Some bring out belly laughs, others cause tears to flow. As a stay-at-home mom, who truly does 'stay at home' most days, the blogging world has been a wonderful way for me to remain connected to the world-at-large. And so, in celebration of enjoying the blogs of many-a-creative-woman, I have taken my hobby one step further.

I call my blog Oh Write because that is what I plan to do here. I look forward to writing stories of my daily life, tales of creative endeavors, thoughts on spirituality, and whatever else I fancy. I look forward to having my own 'home' right here online. I share a mutual desire for both my physical home and my blogging home to reflect me in the purest of ways. Please feel free to take a look around, and come back as often as you like!