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16 October 2012

10 Years Ago

We rolled into town yesterday afternoon after spending some time in Michigan and Illinois. It's always good to be home...but my house is a mess! I'm taking a little break from cleaning and laundry to share about the first part of my trip. We spent a weekend in the Chicago area for my 10 year college reunion and to visit my brother, Zach. It was so good to be back in the place where Brett and I started our lives together. We stayed with one of Brett's best friends from college and his family. Maren loved meeting some new friends, and learning how to play 'boy' things. On Saturday morning we arrived on campus and visited the football stadium. Football was a significant part of Brett's college experience, and it was fun to be back on the field where he played so many games...and to have our 2 kids in tow. A lot has changed in 10 years!

Funny that Truett was carrying around a soccer ball...I love dreaming about what our kids will be like as they grow. Will they like sports? music? art? cooking? literature? Maybe a combination like their parents. :)

I really don't want our kids to ever feel pressured into attending a certain college, but it was fun to think of what it might be like for them to be Wheaton students some day...you never know!

We enjoyed watching the football game with family and friends. My niece, Paige, is so sweet. Maren would not cooperate for a picture. Little stinker.

Truett and his green blanket...this blanket is worth gold in our family. And we're in serious trouble if that tag ever falls off!

On Sunday morning we drove into Chicago to visit my brother. He lives in a very cool apartment downtown. He doesn't own a car...just takes the train wherever he needs to go. It was fun to have an experienced city-dweller with us for the day. Truett loved playing in the window at Zach's apartment.

Brett and I shared some early dates downtown Chicago. Lots of fun memories...so fun to show our kids the big city!

We ate lunch at Gino's East...I love Chicago pizza. Maren, of course, loved writing on the walls.

I had a great time with 2 of my good college friends, Katie and Hannah. We laughed, told stories, reminisced about days gone by. We spent the afternoon and evening together on Saturday, and I randomly ran into them on Michigan Avenue in Chicago the next day. Good thing, because we neglected to take a picture on Saturday.

Maren found a balloon artist on the street and was thrilled to have him make her a little ladybug balloon bracelet. It was cute...sorry I didn't get a picture!

Me and Zach...my not-so-little brother. He's 8 years younger than me and about a foot taller...love you, Z!

This kid loved seeing the sites and was happy as long as we didn't stop anywhere for too long. He's such a good little stroller-rider.

We spent the rest of our time in Michigan, and I have plenty of great pictures to share. I've also been working on some fun new things for my Etsy shop and I've got plans for some holiday posts, too. I hope you're enjoying your fall so far!

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  1. Aww, I didn't know you went to Wheaton! What a good school. A friend of mine went there... Laura Luginbill. She graduated about 4 years ago I think.