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26 October 2012

Insta-october: our month in phone pics

A look at the past month through my phone lens...and maybe even a few September stragglers!

We went to a Brazilian steakhouse for Brett's birthday...it was delicious and a really exciting experience with 2 young children.

Craft group...more on this later!

Such a happy boy

Watching the fish in the grizzly bear exhibit at the zoo

Pausing for a rest in the grizzly bear exhibit

Maren took it upon herself to pack for Michigan during quiet time

Car riding

Pajamas for the plane

Pre-flight wrestling

Wheaton homecoming

Uncle Zach

College friends...Katie and Hannah (hi!)

Waiting for the train in Chicago

City strolling

Waiting for pizza

Giant Michigan pumpkin

Coffee with my mom

Maren playing with my little ponies...literally

Packed for her sleepover with the cousins

Sushi date!

First ballet...Cinderella!

Dancing...I think she asked to be called Jewel or Diamond or some such sparkly object

And Truett is climbing on everything

Book club reading and a charcoal mask that is so great

Again with the climbing

Winter weather cinnamon rolls
Happy October!

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE all the pictures! Looks like a full and special month!