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29 September 2012

White Fence Farm

We took a little trip today to White Fence Farm. We're still enjoying our week with Brett's family in town. Today began with a baby shower for Brett's sister (more on that later), and this afternoon we all headed to a fun little place outside of Denver for dinner and some good ol' farm-style entertainment.

Maren always loves seeing animals. She loved petting the goats and sheep. I was excited because she actually asked to have her hair in pigtails today...usually she just wants to wear it down. I think she still looks like a little girl in pigtails, and I'm holding on to the little girl days as long as possible!

Truett and his cowlick. Literally.

Truett loves his Papa.

Feeding the sheep.

A semi-decent family picture. These are hard to come by these days!

Gigi and Papa with the grands...again, a little tricky with the pictures-of-many-small-squirmy-children...but at least you can see all the faces! And nobody was crying. {yet}

She is so fun right now...I'm loving the 4-year-old version of Maren. She's funny, brave, and asks the best questions.

And he's pretty great, too...I think he's going to be a ham{no offense, Mr. Fake Pig}...always making goofy faces and being silly. I'll take it!

Blue eyes...

We enjoyed a family-style fried chicken dinner and went to ride the tire swing. It could have been a terrible combination, but was all good and fun. Phew.

Maren barely made the cut-off to ride the big slide. We could not get her to stop running back up the stairs for another go.

Who's eyes are creepier, the fake chicken's or Maren's?

If you're ever in the Denver area, I recommend a visit to White Fence Farm. It was a great place to take a bunch of kids for dinner. There were fun things to see and do before and after we ate. And there were corn fritters, which are basically a mixture between cornbread and donuts...I would maybe go back just for those. I feel like I say this all the time, and I hope I never stop...it is so fun to experience life alongside of my kids. Their curiosity and excitement over the simplest of things is so contagious. It is a lot of work to take kids places, but usually we make really great memories. Plus they're cute. And they mostly just enjoy life, which is refreshing. I might need to be reminded of this in the not-too-distant future, but tonight, I am very thankful.

1 comment:

  1. This looks like fun. I am going to the Denver area in October to visit my kids and grands. Don't think I have been there. I have been to Sunflower farm but I don't think they do anything for fall. We always go to a huge pumpkin patch but I can't think of the name of it.
    Cute pictures. I have found out, the hard way, the more people helping the more the kids look different directions. If one person is taking the picture and no one else is behind that person they all look the same direcction. But I would be thrilled with the picture of all the grands. They are all adorable.