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07 October 2010

This must be my lucky day!

Hello again! Yes, I am posting multiple times today. I just couldn't contain my excitement over my fabulous thrift store finds this morning. This is a good day, indeed!

Here is my amazing little pile from this morning...
I loved that sweet The House at Pooh Corner book. I'm not sure what I'll do with it, but it was too cute to pass up. I also picked up a vintage book on the history of Europe. It's got lots of great maps and cool pictures that I plan to tear out and use for something.

This is the third book:
It's an old songbook. I've been looking for some vintage music to use for my Christmas ornaments this year. I've made ornaments for friends and family for the past 3 years. *I hope to do a week of ornament tutorials sometime in November...stay tuned!

Aren't these shoes from Hanna Andersson to die for? Yeah, for $58 Maren would probably never own them...

BUT...look what I found at the thrift store this morning! Yes, Hanna Andersson clogs for $3.99! I could not believe my eyes. They're in great condition, and Maren was so excited about them. They're big for her now, but depending on how quickly her feet grow she'll be wearing them this winter or next fall.
So, are you feeling lucky today? I'm planning on having my giveaway post up sometime this evening!

1 comment:

  1. I think the "song book" is a hymnal. You find them in the back of the pews at Baptist churches (well, lots of churches... but that's where mine always were.) I love hymnals! And sheet music in general. :)