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31 August 2013

The merits of rising early

In honor of Labor Day weekend, I woke up this morning at 4:45...am...in the morning...yes...very crazy early...on a Saturday. Thank goodness it was worth it. The kids slept in their clothes last night so we could wake them up and be out the door, bed-head and all.

We went to the Colorado Classic Balloon Festival, which is an amazing, free event we try to attend each Labor Day weekend. Truett was a little traumatized by the early morning. The loud, flaring balloon torch thing that lit up directly as we were passing by very closely didn't help much, either. He mostly sat in my lap the entire morning. Two-year-old boy snuggles? I'll take them when I get them!

Maren, on the other hand, was thrilled with the morning's festivities. What's not to love about a field full of colorful objects ascending in the air around you?

They have a sweet, special relationship. I'm glad Maren loves her daddy so much.

Maren's favorite balloon was the pink heart one, of course.

Turned out, our little spot was perfect for watching balloons take off over our heads. Someday Brett and I are going to go for a balloon ride.

So may balloons!

I can't say Smokey was my favorite balloon, but he did take off right behind us, which was pretty cool to watch.

Tired little guy...

A balloon chair! This is NOT how Brett and I will enjoy our one-day ride!

The black and white checkered balloon was a neat contrast to all the colored ones.

...and, the poor guy didn't even make it through his lunch.

Tiredness aside, I'm glad for our little Labor Day tradition. What fun things are on your agenda for the weekend?

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