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19 August 2013

She turned 5

It happened. Maren turned 5. The strange thing is, I remember things about being 5. I'm sure she will, too. We had a day filled with celebrating her, and doing things she thought were very special. No big party with friends this year, which was kind of nice. I'm pretty sure she didn't even miss it!

We had a special breakfast and opened a few gifts in the morning. She got a Caboodle for all of her little treasures.

A special outfit from Uncle Ben, Aunt Allison, Paige, Will, Annie and Isaac...

Maren also got to open several cards from far-away family.

We surprised Maren with a trip to the American Girl store in Denver. Felicity came along.

We stopped at the bank for Maren to cash her birthday checks...she was very serious about signing them by herself...so grown-up!

Maren chose to get Saige with her money...and we all enjoyed a birthday lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.

After lunch we did a little shopping for some new shoes.

Truett spent the day with Papa and Gigi, and we celebrated with a family dinner at their house when we were finished with our 5-year-old-date-day.

A little swimming...

...we forgot swimsuits (oops!)

Getting warmed up with Gigi!

We were glad to have Maren's great-grandpa join us. Maren still has 5 living great-grandparents!

Uncle Mike, Aunt Tiffany, and Ian joined us.

Some new puppies...

And homemade chocolate lovers birthday cake with pink frosting. I might have to share this recipe sometime...it was SO yummy!

I love Truett's face in this one...

Five things I especially love about Maren:

1. She is creative and loves pretend play
2. She makes friends easily everywhere we go...and is quick to make others feel loved and welcome
3. She is loyal and has a special love for her family...and a special friendship with Truett
4. She loves to sing and worship
5. She has a unique vocabulary and asks endless questions about the world around her

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