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30 January 2013

A gift of calm

Truett was under the weather yesterday. He napped most of the day and went to bed for the night around 6. Poor guy did not feel good at all. Illness tends to befall us at the most inopportune of times. However, the further into this journey of motherhood I get, the more I am attempting to embrace what each day brings. Clearly, I would never wish sickness upon either of my children. Still, I am seeing God's grace and goodness in each moment. Unlike Maren, Truett turns into a cuddly, snuggly little boy when he feels sick. He spent his few awake hours yesterday in my lap resting his sweet head on my shoulder. Sure, I had lists of things to be done, but God had other intentions for how I would spend my day.

There are things to be learned in the calm, quiet moments of daily-bustle-interruption. I was able to think about and pray for some friends I know are hurting. I was able to enjoy some loving from my typically-busy-beyond-belief boy. I read some books...with pictures and without. Most of all, I was reminded of the sweetness that comes when we slow down a bit. 

Friends, don't wait for a sick day to bring pause to your daily happenings. Take a break today and make time for some stillness. Enjoy just sitting with your children. Read and listen to music. Watch and listen for the Lord to teach you something new. Often times, we simply need to quiet down a bit to hear His voice.


  1. Ahhhhh, he doesn't look like he feels good. Glad he let's you cuddle with him and you have time to pray and reflect.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I remember that age with Sawyer I was secretly thankful when he was a little under the weather because that is the only time he would snuggle. Now that we have a little girl in our life I am learning they are very different. Sawyer was always on the move as fast as he could go. It's refreshing to have a little girl who is more content and explores her world at a slower pace :)