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14 December 2012


Around here...via Instagram...
Happy boy


Didn't take him long to learn to climb up the swingset. Our neighbors GAVE it to us! Such a blessing.

Bath time is always so fun. Especially since Brett does all the work. :)

Guard dog

She decorated the Swedish tree...the 2 horses needed to be next to each other because they're twins.

Ten years of hanging this ornament. Thanking God for each and every moment.

Pajama soccer

Sweet puppy

Trouble. Truett has discovered a passion for climbing.

Christmas cookies. Someone's got a sweet tooth.

Maren drew Santa.

Pretty girl

All is calm...

I spent an afternoon with my best bud, Jaime, picking out her baby quilt fabric. Exciting for a number of reasons! {It's a girl!}

New linen stockings for the 4 of us.

Washi tape...decorating lots of packages these days.

Packages ready to ship to Michigan.

Preschool Christmas concert day.

Unwinding with some hot cocoa and Antiques Roadshow.

life rearranged

1 comment:

  1. Where do you find that cute washi tape on wooden spools? It's adorable!