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13 December 2012

The long-awaited Preschool Christmas Program

Maren has been preparing for her preschool Christmas program for quite some time. She has secretly practiced the songs in the safety of her own room. She worked hard and almost kept the handmade ornament she would be presenting to us a secret. She has been planning her outfit and telling us to remember 'program Thursday'.

Well, program Thursday did not disappoint. Maren looked sweet in her new Christmas dress.

She could hardly contain her excitement. And, I couldn't either, if I'm being honest. This was one of those things I used to dream about when we were struggling with infertility. I love Christmas. I love Christmas music. I tear up every time I hear a children's choir sing. I longed to have my own child up there on the stage. And this year I finally got to experience that joy. Friends, it was a special morning.

Hi Maren!

Maren glowed throughout the entire program...it did a momma's heart good. I've mentioned before that her name (Maren Eleanor) means 'longed for light'. She certainly lived up to that today.

Here she was walking out. Thank goodness for those layers of fluff.

The not-so-secret ornament was darling. It's her handprint and the fingers are painted like little snowmen. Obviously, Maren didn't paint the snowmen. Still, it's sweet to have a momento of her tiny handprint from this season.

Maren and her good buddy, Morgan. Can you believe how cute those purple glasses are?

Maren loves her teacher, Mrs. C.

...and Mrs. B.

We missed Papa, but were so glad that Gigi was able to come to the show.

We don't have pictures of Truett because he was a little under the weather. (A lot under the weather...I've got the laundry to prove it!) 

I'm so thankful God chose me to be Maren's mom. I love her so very much. Today was indeed a gift.

And guess what?! I won a giveaway over at Hannah's blog today. Icing on the cake.


  1. Mauren is so beautiful. She was shinning and having a wonderful time. The best gifts that teachers can help kids make or those kind of gifts. Sometimes the teachers need to help. Hope Truett feels better soon.

  2. Maren is a such a beautiful child. She just glows! I love looking at your pictures of the family! I worked and have known GIGI for almost 20 years! WOW! You have a beautiful family!