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08 October 2011

Sweet Saturday

Things that I'm loving today...{in no particular order}

1. Truett bouncing around in his Johnny Jump Up

2. Truett smiling at himself in the mirror {and the fact that he's wearing snuggly fleecy pj's}

3. Waking up to snow {OH MY GOODNESS!}

4. Listening to one Christmas CD in honor of the first snow, even though the pumpkins are still fresh on the front step

5. My favorite blue-eyed girl all bundled up and ready to play in the snow

6. Building the first snowman of the year with neighbor friends {Maren was so thrilled at the prospect of playing in the snow!}

7. Getting lucky at Old Navy...I just ran in to pick up a hat for Truett, and came out with summer wardrobes for both kids...30% off already marked-down clearance plus a $5 off coupon!

8. My favorite outfit...I love preppy little-boy clothes!

9. The best part...
What made your Saturday sweet?


  1. Can't believe you have snow. Two of my kids live near Boulder and they said it looked like snow coming there way. We have had several beautiful fall days in Ohio.
    Truet is such a happy guy.

  2. So wonderful to see Truett so healthy and happy! What an answer to so many prayers! Can't believe you all had snow already. The things I miss about Colorado... including you guys! Love reading about all the fun things you are doing. Only wish I could have a girls craft night with you!