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04 October 2011

pin-did week 1: a tiny bird's nest and chocolate-banana-fail

I had so much fun picking out a couple of my Pinterest projects to try this week. I had one great success and one near-fail.

I loved these sweet bird's nests from the first time I saw them...

...so, one evening last week I pulled out my boxes of small treasures and set to work on making my own little nests.

The wire I had on hand wasn't quite what Sarah originally recommended, so I have one chunky nest and one very petite nest. I used wire to make loops for the chain instead of using jump rings. I love how sweet and whimsical these little nests turned out. This project went together very quickly, and I think these would make lovely gifts for friends. If I get motivated enough I might make them for our youth group girls this Christmas.

My second attempt at a Pinterest recreation was not so impressive. Doesn't this look great?
The instructions were simple enough: Freeze a banana, then combine with 2 tbsp cocoa powder and blend until smooth and creamy. I did exactly as instructed, with less-than-favorable results...{sorry for the disgusting photo...just keeping it real!}
I have to admit, this did taste quite delicious. I found it to be a little too cocoa-y, so I'll probably just use 1 T. of cocoa next time. I tried to use my Magic Bullet, and things didn't blend up well at all. I might attempt this again in my real blender. The problem is, with just one banana, there really isn't much substance to blend up. My sweet {nursing} boy has an aversion to dairy, so I had high hopes of this concoction being a satisfactory substitution for ice-cream. While it was yummy, it just wasn't quite as appetizing-looking as that picture I pinned.

So, there you have it! I actually get to check off 2 things from my ever-growing lists of Pinterest projects to try.


  1. Love the nest charms!

    We make a "milkshake" that is similar - bananas, rice milk (because we have a lactose intolerant one), peanut butter and cocoa (or chocolate syrup if we are trying to sweeten it up a bit more). I sometimes also add a bit of protein powder. It is a great after school snack.

  2. WOW! Good job-I love the nest necklaces!
    You have inspired me!

  3. I have seen those nest necklaces as well! Very cute! You did a way better job than I ever could. Me and jewelry crafts are definitely not on speaking terms! ;)

  4. those necklaces are so awesome - they look great! nice treasure box, too ;)

  5. The bird's nests are just beautiful. Ithe tiny dainty one is my favorite.

    I have tried that chocolate banana concoction, too and mine did not turn out as the picture looked either. I tried it with the same hopes you had, as I am nursing a baby who had an aversion to dairy up until a couple months ago. It was okay,but a sorry substitute for ice cream.