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11 October 2011

My tiny paper village

It's Tuesday again, which means that Amanda is hosting another little 'pin-did' party, and I was inspired to try out another one of my many pins.

This time...origami paper houses like these fabulous creations, originally seen on How About Orange.
{source: via Pinterest}

Jessica directs you to this site for the pattern to make these little houses. I was able to figure out the basics, but since the directions were a bit vague, I made a practice house from plain computer paper. For this house, I started with the same size of paper for both the top and bottom of the house. I didn't love how the two pieces fit together, so I decided to make the top piece slightly larger for my future houses.

Maren loved playing with the finished products, and she didn't mind a bit that the top and bottom didn't nest well together.

I love messy little kid hands!

For my 'designer' houses, I used scrapbook paper in different patterns. It is very important to use thin paper...no card stock for this project! I started by cutting my bottom squares to 7.5 in. square, and my top pieces to 8 in. square. These dimensions will make a finished house with a 2.5 in. square base.

Since the directions for both pieces tell you to fold the paper in thirds, I drew quick pencil marks on the backs of the paper.

The directions for the top and bottom are pretty self explanatory. Here's one of my little house bottoms...

A cute little village of paper houses...

I love that the tops and bottoms are interchangeable. I suppose you could always add some glue if you wanted to make things a bit more secure. I'm hoping to have Brett hang a shelf in my powder bath where I will make a little house display.

Have you ever tried your hand at origami? I found it to be a nice simple craft with a fun outcome. To see what other's are 'pin-doing', be sure to visit The Modern Marigold!


  1. How cute! I love origami but haven't done any in a long time. I worked at a tiny bookstore once where, one Christmas, we had each customer fold a paper crane. We hung them all from the ceiling + it was amazing.