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08 March 2011

A Substitute

On Sunday I told you about a little spring cleaning challenge going on over at Simple Mom. Wouldn't you know this week's project happens to be one area of my house that I have actually tackled lately! I cleaned out my closet just a couple weeks ago. A sizable load went to Goodwill and a few nicer things got passed along to a friend. I finally parted with several pairs of favorite shoes that haven't fit since before Maren was born. Ugh...my feet grew an entire size with my first pregnancy. I'm hoping that won't be the case with baby #2! Anyhow, I actually have room in my closet now for all my 'normal' clothes as well as my pregnancy wardrobe. One perk of being a SAHM is that my clothing is quite simple. I have a few special things for wearing 'out' and a few things appropriate for church. The rest of the time I live in jeans. I'm also learning that it takes much less time to maintain my wardrobe if I keep things simple, as is the case with most areas of life!

SO, I decided to share another little area of my home that got a recent face-lift.

This picture is so embarrassing! I have another desk in my craft room that I use for sewing, and everything else happens right here. The space gets cluttered and messy very quickly depending on what sorts of projects I've been working on.

A couple of weeks ago I picked up this tiered garden stand at Pottery Barn. I normally wouldn't have spent so much on something like this, but I had a gift card, and this was what I wanted to get! It was on sale, which was nice. The trays are quite spacious, and I knew it would work perfectly as a storage solution on my desk. I already had a lazy-Susan on hand so I just set the 3-tiered stand on top and it fit perfectly.

I was able to fit all my tools on the stand...yeah! The little tray in the middle of the desk holds a few in-process projects and things that need to be fixed. I even had an extra spot for something decorative. I just need to find a picture for the frame. Hmmm...I wonder what it would take for Brett to paint the table for me? I've been imagining a nice, fresh green color. What do you think?

See how nicely everything fits on the stand? I love having easy access to things I use often without the clutter all over my workspace.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. After I read your last post, I decided to take the challenge too. I was actually excited that she picked the closet first...we moved a month ago, so my closet could def use some work, but not too overwhelming. Love little craft area clean up. Thats the area I dread she picks.

  2. I've snagged your idea and purchased a 3-tiered basket thingy this week. Just have to get it filled up this weekend.