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12 June 2010

The results are in

After two days of watching as strangers looked through my junk, I am happy to report a successful garage sale operation! Yesterday was perfect garage sale weather, and we had the traffic to prove it. This morning we awoke to a day resembling February 24...you know the one where it's raining because it's not quite cold enough for snow, but you still have to wear your puffy coat and drink lots of hot coffee to stay warm...it was just like that today. Thanks to my sweet husband I was able to venture around to a few sales, where I wasted no time in spending my hard-earned money on other people's cast-offs. Maren is now the proud owner of a collection of horse figurines, a rocking horse, several princess dresses with matching high heals, and a practically new pair of Keen shoes. At $2, the Keens were my favorite purchase. Isn't that part of the fun of garage sales? You never know when you'll find an exceptional deal on something that seems just too-good-to-be-true. I suppose it was my lucky day!

Have I told you about my dog? We have a lovely 6-year-old lab named Bo. Brett jokingly told a couple he was for sale. After driving around the neighborhood, the man returned only to ask Brett if the dog was truly for sale...his wife had gotten attached and was seriously interested in taking Bo home! Poor lady...I told Brett it's a good thing he didn't sell my puppy because it just might have made me want to go find myself a new home. (Kidding!) Bo is my first pet, and I am amazed at how quickly he weaseled his way into my heart. He thinks he's a lap dog, especially during thunder storms, which is great on cold and rainy days like today!

I am happy to introduce you to the male representatives of my family:


  1. Congrats on a successful garage sale! And good thing your husband didn't sell your dog...you might've had to put HIM up for sale! :)

  2. your lap dog is adorable! : )