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14 June 2010

Outdoor Decor (and an homage to the Wicked Witch of the West)

This was the state of our front garden one year ago, just after we signed the contract on the house. I loved the space, but knew it would be needing some TLC.

If I was a liar with photo-editing skills, I'd fake those bushes into being just as lovely green as the rest of the garden. Ha! In an effort to keep it real, this is the front garden as it stands today. Those three bushes that look like they're dead do have some green peaking through in spots, so I'm giving them a year to show me what they're made of. They'll be gone next spring if they don't shape up. We moved some bigger rocks from other places in the yard to add some interest to the garden. I picked up the urn and the little bird trellis at TJ Maxx. The lantern was a Christmas gift. Do you notice my little problem? (Hint: look closer at the lantern.)

If you look closely at the upper right corner of this next picture, you'll see a fun little metal flower I picked up several years ago at a craft show. The garden stone in the bottom right corner is special. Just after Maren was born, my parents came for a visit and we went and bought a tree for Maren. My mom picked up this stone to sit in front of the tree. Sadly, we had to leave the tree behind at the old house, but the stone still reminds me of those early days with my little lady.

Help, I'm melting! (Enter the Wicked Witch) This part of the house faces east, and apparently the morning sun was just too much for my candles. Don't they look sad?

Help a girl out! What should I put in the lantern? Candles seemed the obvious choice, but they're clearly not cutting it. I'm completely at a loss for what should replace them. I've seen pictures with the likes of shells and starfish, but we live in Colorado. The whole beach-vibe doesn't quite work here.
Something has to change before I end up with a puddle in the bottom of the lantern...what do you think?

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  1. Hmmm, I think a bird's nest might be cool in there!

  2. I used a tall jar candle from the Dollar Tree in my outdoor lantern. I also bought some moss covered stones at the Dollar Tree and put them around the candle.
    I do also like the birds nest idea!

  3. what if you used a steno burner? Maybe paint it a pretty color and then you could light it at night>