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01 November 2012

Happy Halloween

Maren's cat pumpkin actually turned out pretty cute. She was a tad over-zealous on the marker sketching, but I suppose that adds to the charm.

We had some friends over for chili and cinnamon rolls and trick-or-treating. Truett was a golfer and Maren was a small doctor. Admittedly, I didn't put much effort into the costumes this year. We still had a great time. Sometimes simple is best. Usually simple is best!

The cousins {actually, their grandmas are first cousins...but our families are close enough to just leave it at 'cousins'} Julia, Truett, Maren, Hannah, and Abby. Abby made her costume...she was a rubik's cube.

And the full gang...we are blessed to have such wonderful friends. {Hannah, Julia, Truett, Maren, Will, Abby, Eleanor, and Spiderman Jack} Can you tell they were all a little pre-occupied with the business of candy-collecting?

Dr. Maren...

We let the girls stay up while we played a round of cards. I think they expended all of their energy...and experienced quite the sugar crash at the end of the evening.

Halloween 2012 was lots of fun...I love how simple traditions can become so special with time. And now we welcome November! {Today we got to meet our new nephew...more about our sweet visit with him tomorrow!}

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