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21 August 2012

The Lake

Many of my favorite memories as a child happened in northern Michigan at my parents' lake house. It's always a special treat to go back, especially since welcoming children into our family. There is something very special about watching my children play in the same places I did as a child. Last year we had to cancel our trip since we were slightly occupied with getting our little guy's heart in working order. This year, after much anticipation, we finally made it back to the lake as a family of 4! We were blessed with perfect weather and a truly amazing time of fun, relaxing, making memories with grandparents and cousins, and enjoying every possible moment on the lake. I love living in Colorado, but I sure do miss the beautiful lakes of Michigan!

The boy cousins and their grandpa. I love my dad...he is such a fun grandpa.

Truett and Maren loved floating around in this little boat.

My two little blessings enjoying some brother-sister time on the back of the boat.

Maren LOVES her cousins. She had so much fun playing with Paige and Will. (Annie and Truett do their best to get in on the activity too!) We took baths in the lake almost every night. Maren thought it was great to swim and get clean at the same time!

Maren learned to knee-board! It was a hit for the first part of the week, and then she decided that she was scared. Thankfully I caught a picture while she was still enjoying herself!

In our family we get up early to ski almost every morning. Maren came along one morning.


Grams and Maren...can you tell who enjoyed some s'mores? I know my kids loved spending the week with their grams and grandpa, but I might have been the most glad for the time with my parents. My dad spent a couple of long weekends with us, and I got to spend 11 straight days with my mom. Such a gift.

Yup...he had a s'more too. Can you believe those eyes?!

Truett had a great time in the water. He would just float around and splash all day if we'd have let him.

Brett pitched in and chopped some wood one day. Even work is fun at the lake!

My only attempt at a picture of the 5 cousins...complete with sun in the eyes. Annie (1 1/2), Will (3 1/2), Paige (5), Maren (almost 4), Truett (1). These kids are good buddies.

Our little family.

Pretending to ride the Sea Doo.

Until next year...we love you, Higgins Lake!

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