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30 August 2012

A Rainbow Party...the Celebration!

Maren turned 4 a couple of weeks ago, and we had a ball of a time celebrating with 9 of her best buddies.

Here's the guest of honor waiting for her friends to arrive...

Can you tell that she was a little excited?

My sweet family...I can't get enough of these 3!

The girls colored while they were waiting for dinner. It was so fun to see the various pictures all over the table.

Maren wanted each friend to help her open their gift to her. These two are sisters, and we call them 'cousins'. They gave her an art station...can you tell someone loves to draw?!

Maren invited our good friends, Ben and Jaime (or Pastor Ben and Miss Jaime as Maren calls them) to her party. They were gracious to come hang out with all the little kids, and were a huge help with keeping things under control!

Two of Maren's neighborhood friends working on their rainbow bracelets.

While some of the girls were making bracelets, others were getting rainbow pedicures. This was Maren's idea, and it was a huge hit!

Pretty ladies all lined up!

Showing off their bracelets!

It was such wonderful fun to have so many of Maren's friends all together in one place. Some family, some church friends, neighborhood friends, and one little girl from our childbirth class!

Make a wish!

Cookies and Cream ice-cream and rainbow cupcakes (per Maren's specific request!)

The girls got party hats and noise makers before we had cake.

Lest you think Mr. Long-Lashes missed out on the celebration, here he is enjoying his cupcake.

The little noise-maker-streamers (is there a name for those things?!) were a huge hit...I love Colette's face in this picture!

The party wrapped up with some backyard play time. I laugh out loud every time I look at this picture...all of the little girls just busily operating in the background, and a happy wave from Truett, stuck right in the middle of all the activity!

Maren's Gigi and Papa were a huge help with the party. They stayed after all the little guests had gone home to open a few more presents.

Maren was ecstatic all throughout her party...it made the effort and planning worth every minute! Tomorrow I'll share how we spent the rest of her special day!

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  1. She has really gorwn up. Loved those little girls all sitting together but love even more that picture of Eyelashes waving.