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15 February 2012

Chi Gamma: January 2012

Occasionally, I've shared about my little monthly craft group. At our first meeting we jokingly referred to ourselves as a sorority of sorts, which was the origin of chi gamma. (Get it...Craft Group...I know, clever.) Well, it stuck. We rotate homes each month, and the host determines the project. 2012 got off to a great start with bracelet making at Jaime's house. Here are the makings all ready to go...

Jaime (on the left) was a fabulous teacher. These bracelets required great lengths of string, which proved to be difficult for some of us to manage. Thankfully, Jaime had perfected the technique and helped most of us out of tangles along the way.

Here's me and Jaime with our new bracelets...I only made one. S...l...o...w...p...o...k...e.

The group with newly adorned wrists. Can you find me? Remember...only one bracelet.
Most of the girls made 2 different kinds of bracelets. These things are all over the blogosphere and pinterest. I love the layered look...I guess I need to have another night of bracelet-making so I actually have more layers.

I love my craft group. I'm contemplating a little series on 'how to start a group'. I participate in a few different monthly groups. The evenings away throughout the month really help me to be a better mom and wife. I'm so grateful for a husband who supports me and encourages me to have a few hobbies. What do you do to stay connected to your friends?

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