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22 July 2011

Straw Painting

Maren and I have been having the most fun lately doing all sorts of crafty things. I am thrilled to have a little girl around who shares my enthusiasm for creativity!

While Truett was doing this...

Maren and I were doing this...
Using regular old Crayola watercolors, we started by making a line of green. We were sure to use lots of water so there would be something to 'blow' with the straw.

Once we had our green on the paper, we used straws to blow the excess water all over the place, creating grass for our flowers.

Finally, we added big, colorful blooms to the grass. This proved to be a really fun painting project, as {almost!} 3-year-old Maren was able to complete her very own masterpiece from start to finish.

This is what happens when you use the same technique on big circles of paint instead of on a line. Maybe when Truett is a little bigger he'll make spiders with me!


  1. Love her paintings. Prayers for the little guy.

  2. Very cool! I'll definitely try this sometime soon!