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29 July 2011

A big day for a little heart

Yesterday was Truett's big surgery day. We woke up early, dropped Maren off with Brett's parents and made our way to Children's Hospital in Denver. Here's me with Truett just before we left home.

Brett, Truett and me waiting to be registered for surgery.

We spent quite a long time waiting for the surgery to begin. We could tell that many were praying for us as Truett, who was incredibly hungry at this point, remained calm and restful as we waited. I was dreading the time when I'd have to say goodbye, and again God was incredibly gracious to us in providing us with a kind and wonderful nurse to take him away. I felt perfectly comfortable placing my baby in her arms. And then I cried buckets! Here we are waiting for the big moment...

We felt an incredible peace while Truett was in surgery. Our surgical nurse, Esther, was excellent about keeping us informed about Truett's progress. Evidently, the coarc was quite severe and would've quickly become much more problematic if we hadn't had the surgery done right away. Again, we're so thankful with how God worked out so many details in our sweet boy's life. When we finally got word that the surgery was completed and was successful, we were so thrilled!

It was so hard to see our little angel all hooked up to so many machines and tubes. I keep reminding myself what a gift it is to have this technology available to us. We pray that Truett will live a long and healthy life as a result of the interventions done now.

A first visit from Daddy...

Finally getting to see my baby!

He looked so small and helpless...the small white rectangle under his arm is where the incision was.
We were able to get a bit of rest last night. Truett continues to show signs of strength and improvement. His drain tube came out this morning, followed shortly by the breathing tube and the tube going into his stomach. I was able to hold him for the first time, which was such a gift!


  1. So glad to see this post. I have worried and prayed for you and Truett. Wonderful news. He must be progressing well to have those things removed. Mom and Dad look great considering all you have been through. God is good.

  2. So glad to hear things are going well. I know you must have been a nervous wreck while he was in surgery but I'm sure it was so WONDERFUL to finally get to hold your sweet boy!

  3. What a rock star! Off the ventilator, no chest tubes and back in Mom's arms. We will be praying for a speedy, uneventful recovery.

  4. Kate and Brett...praying for your precious boy and for strength for your family. It is encouraging to hear all the praise reports already. Love and miss you guys. We will continue to pray for complete healing and restoration.

    Connie Armerding