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28 July 2010


It's been busy around here lately! I feel so blessed to have had so many wonderful people drop in for a visit at oh write. If you're a recent follower, thank you! It really is an honor to share parts of my life with you.

You know what's funny? I haven't even been 'here' for an entire month. Maren and I have been in Michigan visiting family. I did spend a bit of time on my computer, but mostly we've been doing this:
And this:
And some of this:
We came back home to Colorado with plenty of treasured memories. Now I'm busy doing laundry, cleaning, working on some new things for my Etsy store, and putting together a few new tutorials and some fun decorating posts. I'm also working on some guest posts for a couple of lovely blogs.

Thank you again for joining me on this fun little endeavor, and happy summer!

1 comment:

  1. I am a new follower. Beautiful pictures.
    I spend alot of time in Colorado as my son and daughter and their families live there. I have 4 sweet grandchildren that I have to see often.